Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support

Proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create positive school environments.

How can our tools help your PBIS efforts?

We offer a complete set of online tools that allow schools to consistently and effectively manage your PBIS efforts. 

Referral tracking starts in the classroom. From point of occurance to data analysis, our tools provide a complete solution for reporting and managing referrals online. Say goodbye to paper referrals. Look at referral data over time, by offense category and location. See the top offenders and graph their data as well.

Everything a school would usually do to report, track and manage behaviors, consequences and rewards is handled online. Everything is automatic. It starts when a student does something exceptional in class or on the school grounds. When a teacher, monitor or administrator reports it on our system, nothing else needs to be done. The system will track that student's behavior, provide immediate positive reinforcement by printing rewards, enter students in drawings, email parents and much, MUCH more!

Say goodbye to team binders, counting points, sifting through lists, and other time consuming tasks. Every student's behavior record is available at the click of a button. Positive behaviors, infractions, referrals, rewards and consequences - a complete historical view of how each student behaves in school making it easy to pinpoint what interventions are needed that meet the needs of each individual.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our system features. You will be surprised what it can do for you!
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Data Driven Decision Making

Our system provides the most comprehensive set of data analysis tools that allow you to make crucial decisions based on referral, infraction and positive behavior trends over time, location and category.
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Positive Reinforcement

There is a vast majority of students who fly under the radar by just staying out of trouble. You know the student. Quiet, never causes any problems and doesn't like to stand out. Our system is great for rewarding these students also. With a few clicks you can print personalized dance passes, certificates or letters home for all the students who have fewer than a certain number of infractions or referrals.
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Consistent Consequences

Part of any PBIS program is administering consistent consequences. Rewarding positive behavior is only effective with 90% of students. When consequences are given, it is important that they are fair and consistent. This can be a challenge in schools with diverse staff personalities.
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Why is PBIS so hard?

Implementing an effective, school-wide PBIS program can be a daunting task. Usually, one or more staff members are given the task of tracking behaviors, compiling data, counting tickets, recording points or 'bucks', dispensing rewards, organizing raffles, running stores, etc. All of this drains energy that could otherwise be spent on academics. Because of this, many PBIS programs go to the wayside very quickly as staff members get burnt out on the details and paperwork.
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Schools CAN easily and effectively manage a school-wide PBIS program with the help of our online tools. We take care of tracking points, rewards, certificates, drawings and parent communication. With our program, your school will save both time and money, freeing up needed resources for academics while maintaining a positive school environment.

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