Behavior Management Systems
9025 E. 21st
Tucson, AZ 85710

Behavior Management Systems LLC was founded in 2005 by two teachers in Tucson, AZ. With combined teaching experience totaling over 40 years, the founders, John and Susie Moritz believed that not enough was being done to help schools manage behavior in the classroom. Utilizing the newest technologies possible, their patented program provides practical, cost-effective tools that save teachers and administrators time and money while fostering positive behavior in students.

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The Technology (IT Stuff)

Our website currently takes advantage of Microsoft Technologies. Our application is programmed in .NET 2.0 and is hosted on DELL Poweredge servers with UPS battery and diesel generator backup support.
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Our program is web based. There is no software to install or update. Your subscription fees cover all maintenance and updates. The only requirement is that each user have a computer with access to the Internet. Because our system is web based, users can access it at school, home, or any computer connected to the web.
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Schools will never have to pay for or install updates. Because our application is access on the web, we handle all of the hardware and software needed to keep your PBIS program running smoothly.
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Why do we use the subscription model?

We chose the subscription model for two reasons. We keep our customers upfront costs low and it allows us to continually update and improve our system without charging schools for those services. Many companies charge expensive installation charges and update fees. Without the funds to keep paying for updates, many programs quickly become outdated. That will never happen with us. We charge a low yearly subscription fee that includes all future updates and improvements.